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Frequently asked questions

What is DziCard, is it a digital business card
DziCard allows you to send everyone the information about you and your business, which serves as a rich and excellent business card. You can show who you are, what you do, which services you provide and how to reach you and contact you. You can also showcase photos, videos, and present links that lead to further information. Everything is available on any mobile phone and any computer anytime, anywhere.Your DziCard is easily customizable to fit your needs. You'll look great.
Whom is DziCard for
If you need a printed business card then DziCard is for you - no matter how small or big your business is. DziCard is meant to replace your need for paper so you will never forget your card again. DziCard are made to stand out, so if you want to impress the people you meet and put a face to your details - you came to the right place.
How DziCard helps us market ourselves and reach new customers
Any phone call or random meeting can result in the transfer of all your details at the click of a button, never missing a card or where to put it and most importantly! You reach more and more customers without doing anything - your customers are spreading you on, a friend recommends to a friend and gives him the information about you and so forth.
If I update my DziCard what will happen to the digital cards I've sent in the past
Once you make a change to your DziCard, it will be reflected immediately to every person who receives it as well as to those who received it in the past.
We're used to our printed business card, why do we need it

The old printed business card gets crumpled in your pocket, gets lost, contains limited information... does not allow you to reach new customers that are not physically near you. If your contact details change, you need to reprint them and you're stuck with the old ones that are now outdated and worthless.

With DziCard you look innovative and updated, your details can flow and be shared easily by your satisfied customers who will pass on to their friends. Your information is always up-to-date thanks to our easy to use control panel that allows you to edit your information at any time.

If we want to update our DziCard with new content - what do we do
Our easy to use Dashboard allows you to edit your DziCard whenever you want. Simply visit our homepage https://dzicard.com, login to your account and you will have access to your content.
If we need help - who do we turn to for support
Our team is happy to help with any queries. Contact us by email at support@dzicard.com and we will gladly respond.
Can I create multiple cards
Yes. You can create as many cards as you’d like, and manage them separately.
What payment methods do you accept
We accept all major Credit / Debit cards.
Are there any hidden fees
Not at all. If you choose the free plan - it’s free forever. And if you choose the Business or Enterprise plans you can cancel anytime. Click here to learn more about our pricing plans.
How can I share my card
Open DziCard.com, create your card in minutes, and share it via SMS, Whatsapp, email and even WeChat etc.
Is it safe, Will you spam me
We take security very seriously. That’s why we are using top notch servers, protocols and industry best practices. Feel free to contact us directly if you have a specific concern.
Will you charge my card
We don’t charge your card until your free trial is over. We will send you a reminder 6 days before your trial ends. You can cancel your subscription plan at any time.
Is there any commitment
No. You can change your plan at anytime.